There are many ways to make money with an affiliate network. However, you should always be careful when choosing which one to use. This article will help you with that.

We can break down the different types of affiliate networks into three basic categories. They are:

It’s easy to see that each of these networks has their own unique way of making money. So, which affiliation platform to choose?

The first is called Clickbank. If you have ever worked with a Clickbank affiliate network before, you know how much money they can make you in the end.

Affiliate Marketing Profits With Clickbank Don’t Guarantee Cash For Sale? Let’s be real for a second. Is it really that easy to make money on Clickbank?

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You should know that in order to make money on Clickbank, you need to work hard. In fact, you should also be careful with where you invest your money. Your clicks are NOT free, and they certainly don’t come cheap.

Therefore, when you work with Clickbank, you should expect to have to work for your money. At least that’s how I feel.

In fact, Clickbank does not offer any sort of residual income. They only offer a commission for your first sale and a one-time payment.

The second is called Commission Junction. Although I won’t say that it’s not a good affiliate network, the truth is, it only has an affiliate marketing program.

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In fact, just like Clickbank, the commissions on this one are not free. They will be paid out over time, but they won’t come cheap.