The secrets of passive income have been revealed to me. I was just a little kid when I started to generate passive income from home. I was really happy with it and I wanted to share some of the secrets with you.

My parents and I had moved to a small town in California, which is where I began generating passive income. We stayed with a cousin and he was not very good at keeping us occupied. He made us a lot of sandwiches, which I don’t think was the case. I’m not sure what he did with the sandwich breads though.

Anyways, I didn’t have any financial goals so I decided to get creative. I’d use the money we were spending on sandwiches for household items, school supplies, and spending more on making my own groceries.

As I recall, the Internet was not yet around, so I didn’t know much about passive income or affiliate marketing. My cousin taught me how to make money through making these products. For example, he made a jerky sandwich product from a company called Similac.

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Similac is an organic beef jerky product that is created by the Joes and other people who work in the meat packing industry. It’s packaged up in vacuum sealed bags and then packed with organic beef jerky. It is delicious and much tastier than the beef jerky you buy in the grocery store.

One of the secrets of passive income is that you can get the same benefits by selling their products as you would if you were selling your own. You will be more successful because you will be able to sell it to a larger audience.

He worked with a long time supplier for Similac. He developed a relationship with him and in exchange for his agreement to sell Similac products to a specific audience, he was able to charge Similac customers a lower price.

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By doing this, he not only got a commission from the sale, but he also got one of the secrets of passive income and that was that he would be able to build a list of customers. He would continue to get commissions on the sale of similar products. That became his main source of passive income.

I don’t really remember how I discovered the secrets of passive income though. I probably discovered this because I read about it somewhere, bought a program to teach it to me, and used the information to grow my customer base. The idea of the program was that I could keep collecting passive income instead of paying a lot of commissions.

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I now have more than four thousand customers and I have seven customers who have bought a full-scale program that was created to teach how to grow a customer base. I just recently closed a new customer who has purchased six copies of the program.

Thinking back, I don’t know how I became such a successful author. I guess it was the articles that I wrote for the website and the blog.

I was able to use the advice that I learned about making money online and putting together a system that would not only make me a lot of money but teach me how to become financially free in the process. I don’t think I ever expected to be making over ten thousand dollars a month writing about internet marketing.