As an affiliate marketer I get asked a lot about how to become a super affiliate with Clickbank. There are two ways of making money on the internet: one that is passive and one that is active.

Passive means doing nothing. A passive affiliate does not promote their business, get traffic or send any email to clients to try and sell them anything. Passive affiliates make money by having a website that doesn’t do anything for visitors but that gives them something they want.

If you have a website that gives your customers free products or services and you want them to buy from you then you have to get them to click on the banners or links. Passive income will take time but with Clickbank there is always time to make passive income.

You can choose to use Clickbank to make money with. But don’t just jump into it and then expect to make money. There are many options out there and if you don’t know what you are doing you will pay the price. If you start with a site that has little traffic, you will have a hard time getting customers and if you start with a site that doesn’t give visitors what they want you will struggle to convert them to paying customers.

The first thing you need to do to be successful with Clickbank is to build a traffic generation strategy. If you don’t have a traffic generation strategy then you are going to struggle. I suggest you build a list of visitors that you can use to promote other Clickbank affiliate programs. This way you can build passive income from people who are interested in the products and will buy from you when they find you on another site.

Then you need to build a strategy for generating high traffic to your Clickbank sites. Some of this will come naturally as your site’s gain popularity and more people click on your ads. But some of this will have to be done manually. Get your website ranked by Google, and the major search engines so that people will be able to find you and learn more about what you have to offer. Use article marketing to promote yourself and the products you sell.

The other way of passive income is by using Clickbank to build an affiliate program that you can run from your home. You can pay someone to run this program for you so that you can build a money making affiliate program at your own pace. If you have the time and the talent then you can build a Clickbank program of your own.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you are not working for someone else and you don’t have to create another business or deal with the hassle of starting up a new product. You can set up a system that allows you to run the same affiliate program every day.

So what kind of affiliate program can you set up to make passive income? Here are a few suggestions. You can join an affiliate program that sells gift certificates.

Give a gift certificate to a CD player company or a bicycle company. Don’t ask me what kind of gift certificate you should give, ask someone who makes money from these kinds of programs. When you sell a gift certificate like this you don’t have to sell the same product every time.

You can also give a CD to a car dealer. You can find all kinds of gift certificates. You can give a gift certificate to McDonalds, a gift certificate to the health food store and other similar programs.

These are great passive income ideas and they are worth exploring. I would recommend building a passive income using Clickbank.